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Veteran’s Club Racing Association Makes First Landing in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Hakeem Alexander Kommunikations – (757) 834-0010


V.C.R.A: Giving Hope and Changing Lives with the Power of Motorsports. Hot Laps SAVES lives!

Veteran’s Club Racing Association is the passion project of Chris Cavallo who has been tirelessly working to bring his far reaching vision to light so that he can improve the quality of life for other Combat Veterans like himself.

I first met Mr. Cavallo at Onelife Fitness Redmill in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and immediately recognized the fierceness and intensity of a battle hardened fighter. I didn’t know at first that he was a Veteran of Combat; but I could see that he was presently still at war somewhere deep within.

The type of internal conflict I recognized is something that Military Veterans all over the world struggle to cope with every day, while feeling that there is nowhere to turn for support. I have seen it many times before, scarred onto the souls of friends and relatives who are retired Military Veterans.

Because of his own love for motorsports, automotive innovation, and especially high-performance racing; Chris has discovered that he would be able to bring a little bit of relief, and maybe even a spark to re-ignite some joy in the lives of fellow Combat Veterans.